Hirer: You the customer The company: Us the business providing a service
1. Unless stated in writing all orders are subject to the terms and condition of hire, the hirer, by authorizing or allowing work to continue is deemed to have acknowledged this.
2. Unless a callout is requested to check the premises, it is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that the site is level and free from any obstacles, such as walls and steps. In such circumstances it lies with the hirer to inform us of such. It is also the hirers, responsibility to ensure the ground/surrounding area is clear from obstacles and accessible for completion of job. Any addition works having to be carried out or that are requested to be done will be charged for at £30 per hour.
3. The company will accept no liabilities for delays in incomplete contracts where it has been due to weather condition, uneven or unsuitable ground or, any condition which is not within our control. However we will endeavor to do the best we can.
4. In order to make a booking the Company reserves the right to request a 25% deposit. Which is non refundable upon cancellation. Should the hirer make a cancellation then the following compensation packages will apply
100% of the Booking prices for up to 7 days notice
75% of the booking prices for up to 14 days notice
50% of the booking prices for up to 28 days notice
25% of the booking prices for more than 28 days notice.
5. The hirer shall be responsible for care, maintenance and safety of the Marquee during the hire period, from the moment of erection until it is dismantled. If in any eventuality there is any misuse and equipment has not been cared for as in the care agreement, the company reserves the right to charge an additional fee which will be determined according to the damage caused. (Ref: care agreement). The hirer should be satisfied with the equipment before use and notify us of any incorrect deliveries or unacceptable equipment once completed and any damaged equipment within 4hrs, as damaged equipment will be charged for.
It is the hirers responsibility to arrange for security for marquees were applicable, the company will not be responsible to damages in any eventuality and the hirer would be responsible for any compensations.
6. The hirer should not attempt to make changes with the frame or with the structure itself, as the company will deny any insurance claim or liability claim in any eventuality.
7. There should be no cooking unless a specific cooking marquee has been erected. If this is not adhered to then the amount charged will be doubled due to cleaning costs, and loss of business.
8. The Company will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions in quotation and reserve the right to correct any errors made, and it is at the companies discretion.
9. Any additional callouts once the job is completed are at an extra fee of £50 unless there is a genuine problem with the equipment. It would be at the companies discretion if an amount is to be charged.
10. Prompt payment is to be made and amounts ready once job has been completed. Delays in payment again will be chargeable at £25 per hour.
11. If the marquee is to be erected on public land or pavements, or anywhere where permission is needed then this is the hirers responsibility to gain any permissions needed and the company will not be held liable.
Whilst marquee is in the hirers’ possession, it is the hirers’ responsibilities to adhere to the following:
1. No dismantling and re-erecting
2. No changes to the structure, lining or any equipment on hire from us.
3. No cooking within the marquee.
4. No use of safety pins or anything to be attached to the lining or PVC.
5. No tape to be used inside or outside on the marquee itself. However tape can be used on the framework.
If the hirer misuses, damages or shows undue care, we reserve the right to charge a cleaning cost and in certain circumstances a new for old replacement charge will stand, depending on the damage this charge will be applied.

York Marquee Hire is a trading style of M Marquees Limited

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